Are US Saving Bonds a Good Place to Invest?

US Saving Bonds, investment tipsWe do see that the certificates of deposits and saving accounts are paying interest rates which are going lower with time. It is time to decide whether investing in US saving bonds is worthwhile or not. You can now use the postal service or buy the bonds online. The maximum limit per year was $15,000, but now it has come down to $5,000 only. But you have an option of buying it online as well through postal service, making it $10,000 per year from one social security number.

US bonds are a good place to make your investment because of the benefits. One benefit is that you do not have to pay tax for the money with which you purchase the bonds. Your income from the bonds during redemption will be taxable. The interest rates are also on the lower side for these bonds. If bonds are used for education, they are exempted from tax.


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